Monroe County, PA

Earned Income Tax

​​Every person who resided for part of or all of the year in Eldred Township is
required to pay a 1% Earned Income Tax which is assessed on all wages,
salaries, commissions, bonuses, incentive payments, fees, tips and/or other
compensation for services rendered. In addition, those who conduct
businesses, professions, and other activities for profit must pay tax on the
net profit derived from their business or profession.

Who must file a declaration of Estimated Tax - Tax Rate 1% of Gross Wages?
All taxpayers who anticipate earned income or net profits in excess of
$2,500 in a given calendar or fiscal year if not withheld.

Resident employers are also required to withhold the 1% tax from their
employees and file a Quarterly Return with the Earned Income Tax Office.
One half percent goes to the Pleasant Valley School District and one half
remains with Eldred Township to provide municipal services. Most
employers will withhold the 1% tax, which is then sent to the resident’s home
jurisdiction. The 1% tax will be collected directly from those who are 1) selfemployed;
2) salaried but self-employed in a side business; or 3) work in a
municipality where the tax is not collected. A Quarterly Estimate Form is
required to be filed with the Earned Income Tax Office.

A Final Tax Return must be filed on or before April 15 of the succeeding year.
Failure to do so can result in substantial penalties and interest. Failure to
receive a tax return does not relieve of the responsibility to file one. A final
return is required even though all taxes may have been withheld from wages.
Forms which are required for reporting and filing are:

​Earned Income Tax Return
Quarterly EIT Report
Employer's Quarterly EIT Form
Employer's EIT Registration Form
Visit to download forms and obtain more
information, or to perform online filing.

Use Pleasant Valley School District Tax Code: 450202 for any filings and tax

Permit Applications and Checklists

​​For any questions about whether a permit is required, review the information
Zoning permit application forms are to be used for a change of use, adding a new structure and for all signage uses including but not limited to, on-site, off-site, special events, temporary and political signs.

The following special situation applications are available here or in the Township office:

Conditional Use Hearing Application

Special Exception Hearing Application, Appeal to Zoning Hearing Board,
Application, Variance Hearing Application (Use Zoning Appeal Application above and check appropriate box.)

If you have any further questions regarding forms and permit applications, please contact the zoning officer.

Permits and Fees

Permits are required by all residents and tenants of Eldred Township, including a
moving permit. If you are unsure whether or not you need a permit, please contact the
Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer to verify and confirm if a permit is required.

All applications and permits must be submitted with the appropriate documentation
and fees, and accepted by the designated Township official. Applications and permits
are not valid until all applicable fees are paid.

Sewage permits are required for new systems or the repair of existing systems. Copies, which are required in triplicate, are available in the Township office.

Budget and Finances

Eldred Township