Eldred Township

Monroe County, PA

Amendments to the Eldred Township Zoning Ordinance of 2015


Section 303- Definitions.


Township Facilities: The following definition is added: Township Facilities: Any building, structure, or use owned and/or operated by Eldred Township for municipal purposes. In the event this definition conflicts with any other definition in the Zoning Ordinance, this definition shall take precedence, but only to the extent there is a conflict.


 Enacted by
Ordinance 2018-01 on May 3, 2018


Water Extraction: the definition of Water extraction is amended to read as follows:” the term Water Extraction/Bottling- is amended to remove the words “manufacturing light” and replace those words with the word “industry”, so that the definition of Water Extraction/Bottling shall now read; “any use which involves the pumping or removal of water from groundwater sources, with or without bottling for retail or wholesale sale. Considered industry for the purposes of regulation by this Ordinance.”


Enacted by 
Ordinance 2016-01 on March 16, 2016


 Short Term Rentals: Establishing a new definition for Short-Term Rentals Enacted by Ordinance 2020-04 on July 15, 2020 Short Term Rentals: Regulating Short Term Rentals, Establishing Property Standards, Fees and Establishing Penalties


Enacted by
Ordinance 2020-05on July 15, 2020


Section 404- District Regulations: Section 404 is amended by adding “Township Facilities” to the list of PRINCIPAL PERMITTED USES for each Township zoning district’s SCHEDULE OF USES. In the event that a proposed Township building or use could be considered to fall within another use category in addition to “Township Facilities”, or in the event of conflict generally, the “Township Facilities” use category shall take precedence.


Enacted by
Ordinance 2018-03on May 3, 2018



Stand Alone Zoning Ordinance Amendments to the Township Ordinance 2015-01


Regulating Water Wells and Establishing Rules and Regulations Governing the Construction and Operation of Water Wells Enacted by Ordinance 2020-03 on June 17, 2020 Section 846: Amending the Schedule of Uses in each Zoning District for permitted or prohibited use status of Short-Term Rentals.


Enacted by
Ordinance 2020-04 on July 15, 2020


 Section 1 Part 3 Amending the minimum lot width requirement for standard subdivisions; amending the minimum front yard setback requirements for accessory structures.


Enacted by Ordinance 2020-06, November 18, 2020